Underground Storage Tank Sites, Puget Sound Area, WA

Underground storage tanks (USTs) for commercial and residential fuel are a potential source of site contamination and a liability for property owners. TechSolve has worked on many commercial and residential sites with USTs that have needed investigation and remediation of contamination. We have staff that are experienced certified UST Site Assessors. TechSolve is an approved Service Provider under the Washington State Pollution Liability Insurance Agency (PLIA) Heating Oil Insurance Program. We partner with UST removal contractors to oversee the tank removal or replacement, conduct the site characterization, and prepare a tank closure report. If necessary to address a release, TechSolve prepares and implements a remediation plan. Under this program, TechSolve has helped numerous property owners eliminate the liabilities associated with contamination caused by leaking USTs.

Key Project Elements:

  • UST Closure, Assessment, and Remediation
  • NFA Determination
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