Subsurface contamination below existing structures sometimes generate hazardous vapors that can enter the building envelope and affect indoor air quality. This “vapor intrusion” can cause unhealthy levels of hazardous substances in indoor air resulting in health and safety risks to the occupants, and liabilities for owners. Sites contaminated with petroleum and solvents are particularly  notorious for causing vapor Intrusion issues. We provide guidance to help  investigate vapor intrusion concerns at your cleanup site and determine the best way to identify, monitor, and remediate the issue.

TechSolve is experienced in conducting  Tier I and Tier II Vapor Intrusion assessments, including but not limited to:

  • Completion of vapor intrusion building survey prior to initiating sampling
  • Removal or mitigation of identified background sources to accurately define actual contamination levels
  • Installation and monitoring of sub-slab vapor probes
  • Evaluation of indoor air for potential volatile organic carbon (VOC) sources and background sources to determine if an unacceptable vapor intrusion impact exists
  • Removal or mitigation of vapor intrusion source
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