Environmental compliance is a fundamental part of any successful industrial business. TechSolve provides a customized, client-oriented approach to compliance audits. Our trained audit staff works closely with clients to develop the appropriate audit scope, criteria, and procedures.

An environmental compliance audit provides a systematic review of facility operations and analysis of compliance status in relation to applicable environmental laws, regulations, permits, standards, and policies.  Our audit services can provide practical tools to help your business:

  • Minimize environmental liability
  • Prevent environmental contamination
  • Avoid noncompliance fines and penalties
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Maintain long-term compliance

Agencies often develop preferred methods for environmental investigation and remediation, which are communicated in guidance and policy documents; however, some sites warrant a more tailored approach. TechSolve has successfully negotiated with regulatory agencies to implement practical solutions that are in our clients’ best interest while still meeting the agency’s overall objective of protecting human health and the environment.

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