Groundwater Quality Impact Analysis and Protection Services

Groundwater is a critical natural resource that provides communities with water for drinking, agriculture, and industry.

TechSolve has a staff of experienced hydrologists and scientists who have conducted groundwater quality analysis, monitoring and protection activities.  Through these activities we have helped our clients identify groundwater concerns, address quality issues and find methods to solve problems to protect this valuable resource.

TechSolve staff has been involved in groundwater quality impact assessment and protection since the early 1980s.  We have experience in several areas related to groundwater analysis and protection including:

• Hydrogeologic Studies • Wellhead Protection
• Reservoir Evaluation • Groundwater Management
• Groundwater/Soil Investigation • Watershed Studies
• Groundwater Modeling • Research and Development

Vashon-Maury Island Groundwater Management Plan, King County, Washington
• Analyzed impacts of land use on groundwater quality and quantity.
• Supervised drilling and installation of deep exploratory borings/wells.
• Evaluated large quantities of water quality data from groundwater, surface water, and marine water to characterize the water resources of the Islands.
• Prepared the Area Characterization Report for the Groundwater Management Plan, one of the five Plans prepared for King County.

ARCO Service Station No. 4466, Issaquah, Washington
• Provided rapid response to protect Sole Source Aquifer from impacts of a leaking underground storage tank (UST).
• Provided water supply consulting services to the Sammamish Plateau Water and Sewer District on behalf of the client.  These services included well site selection, well design, coordination with drillers, completion of pumping tests, and data analysis.  As a result of these activities, the water supply was found not to be impacted by contamination.

Impact Assessment from Wastewater Treatment Plant, Colorado Springs, Colorado
• Analyzed groundwater quality and aquifer characteristics data and developed a groundwater flow model to evaluate the effects of wastewater discharge.  Results from the examination of groundwater chemistry, elevations, and flow directions identified critical source areas and guided future plant expansion.