Environmental Regulatory Compliance Auditing Services

Environmental compliance is a fundamental part of any successful industrial business. TechSolve provides a customized, client-oriented approach to compliance audits. Our trained audit staff works closely with clients to develop the appropriate audit scope, criteria, and procedures.

An environmental compliance audit provides a systematic review of facility operations and analysis of compliance status in relation to applicable environmental laws, regulations, permits, standards and policies.  Our audit services can provide practical tools to help your business…

• Minimize liability
• Avoid noncompliance fines and penalties
• Improve operational efficiency
• Maintain long-term compliance.

We have provided environmental regulatory compliance services for a variety of facilities, including:

Wood treatment plant
• Provided comprehensive review of environmental practices.
• Prepared customized environmental compliance manual and inspection, record keeping and reporting system to document and ensure ongoing environmental compliance.

Wood processing plant
• Provided comprehensive review of environmental and health and safety practices.

Newspaper publishing plant
• Categorized waste streams and identified applicable regulations.
• Evaluated current environmental practices.
• Prepared a Container and Waste Management Plan with detailed procedures for handling, storing, transporting, and disposing of containerized products and industrial and hazardous wastes in accordance with applicable regulations.

Solid waste management facilities
• Evaluated environmental practices and potential liabilities associated with disposal of petroleum contaminated soils.