Litigation Support Services

Attorneys face a number of unique challenges in environmental litigation cases.  TechSolve has developed a particular process to assist attorneys and expert witnesses with evaluation of complex scientific data and communicating this information to a non-technical jury.  We work closely with attorneys and clients to build credible, defensible cases. 

Our staff has the expertise necessary to assess and analyze complex sites and provide you with the knowledge you need to move forward with confidence.

TechSolve provides attorneys with the technical support necessary to determine adequacy of investigation and cleanup actions, evaluate property damage, and assist with cost recovery.

Some of the services that we commonly provide on  environmental support projects include:

  • Expert Witness                                                  Forensic Geochemistry
  • Strategic Planning                                            Data Management
  • Independent review of Expert Reports              Data Validation
  • Contaminant Source Identification                    Contaminant Fate and Transport

Please contact us so we can provide more detailed information regarding our litigation support experience and the services we can provide.