Scott K. Larsen

Mr. Larsen has approximately 12 years experience in the environmental consulting field and has been responsible for a variety of tasks and performed a number of roles.  His experience has a strong emphasis in environmental management activities, which includes bidding, job costing, project setup, project tracking, and final reporting.  Mr. Larsen has experience with technical writing and data validation for scientific reports, clients, and government agencies.  Mr. Larsen has prepared numerous Phase I Site Assessment reports and completed numerous site assessments for UST removals and decommissionings as well as for property transfers.  As a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager, Mr. Larsen has extensive training and experience with waste handling.  In addition to his management skills Mr. Larsen has modeled contaminant plume flow, migration, characteristics, and concentrations through soil and groundwater profiles. Mr. Larsen has provided onsite project management for residential and commercial remedial actions, as well as, investigations and reporting on Phase II Environmental assessments.  Mr. Larsen’s field experience consists of surveying, mapping, investigations of site characteristics and features, and AutoCAD mapping of field investigations and findings.  He is also experienced with utilization and implementation of WA-DOE MTCA standards. His relative project experience includes the following:

Harbor Island Superfund Site

ARCO Products Company, Seattle, WA

Mr. Larsen serves as project manager and project scientist for on-going state-lead (MTCA) RI/FS activities for a bulk fuel terminal located on the Duwamish River, within the Harbor Island CERCLA site in Seattle, Washington.  The bulk fuel terminal is a potentially liable party (PLP) and impacts at the site include soil and groundwater contamination with petroleum hydrocarbons, metals, and other constituents.  Mr. Larsen has overseen the successful installation and construction of the remedial system and has successfully prepared reports and summary documents that have aided in the achievement of a limited No Further Action at the site. Mr. Larsen aides in the operation and maintenance of an interim product recovery system, which includes soil vapor extraction, air sparging, and free product recovery with groundwater treatment.  He has conducted interim monitoring and sampling to evaluate system performance and ensure the achievement of designated cleanup regulations.  Oversees the characterization and appropriate disposal of hazardous wastes. In addition to project management and budget tracking duties, his responsibilities include regulatory compliance reporting, client correspondence, report preparation, and subcontractor and vendor contact.

Commercial and residential UST remediation
Various locations throughout Washington State

Responded to over 100 properties including gas stations, industrial, commercial, and residential properties containing suspected Leaking Underground Storage Tanks (LUSTs) believed to have released leaded and unleaded gasoline, home heating fuel/ diesel (fuel oil #2), kerosene, and waste oil. Performed initial site assessment via the use of groundwater and soil sampling activities to determine possible exceedance of MTCA guidelines.  Performed Phase II sampling activities to delineate plume size and subsurface soil composition, utilized the design and implementation of proposed remedial solutions for voluntary cleanup actions.  Acted as project lead and performed project management throughout the remediation process including client contact and support, project setup and scheduling, interim monitoring, and final reporting resulting in achievement of no further action (NFA) letters by the WA-DOE.  Acted as site superintendent coordinating health and safety procedures and excavation supervision of LUST remediation activities.  Implemented alternative remediation solutions, to otherwise inaccessible and or highly invasive excavation activities, including the utilization of in-situ bioremediation, enhanced natural attenuation, and air sparging processes based on site specific conditions.  Worked with residential property owners, the Washington State Pollution Liability Insurance Agency, and homeowners insurance agencies to come up with innovative solutions for remedial projects with limited budgets.

Residential UST Remediation
Confidential Client, Lake Washington Shoreline

Conducted the initial soil and groundwater monitoring of a known UST release, determined the plume migration, discovered and documented additional third party contamination affecting a neighboring property containing a vault utilized as the backup drinking water supply for a major municipality and additional off site contamination migration affecting neighboring Lake Washington. Mr. Larsen assisted in the modeling of the contaminant flow and implemented a remedial design incorporating a limited excavation, vertically and horizontally installed barriers to limit further plume migration, provided oversight on the installation of vertical and horizontal wells and injection points utilized in an air sparging and bioremediation remedial system.  Provided oversight and aided in the installation of additional groundwater recovery wells and the installation of a treatment system consisting of an oil water separators, UV treatment, media filtration, air stripping, and polishing filtration to clean extracted fluids to facilitate re-injected into the site with bioremediation solutions for further in-situ remediation.

Phase I and II Assessment

Confidential Production Facility

Provided Phase I site investigation services for property transfers and suspected contaminated sites. Performed records requests and reviews with the Department of Ecology to evaluate potential impacts to the subject property.  Conducted a comprehensive, client requested, soil and groundwater monitoring effort, which found heavy metal contamination in excess of applicable WA-DOE MTCA cleanup guidelines.  Additional background sampling and Phase I research determined heavy metal concentrations to be typical throughout the localized area and not attributable to past or present onsite activities.

Mixed-use Brownfields Redevelopment, Seattle, Washington
Field manager responsible for modeling, reporting, construction, installation, and operation and maintenance of soil and groundwater remedies during and post construction of a mix-use (retail and residential) brownfields redevelopment project on Capitol Hill in Seattle.  Contamination is related to a former drycleaners.  Project activities have involved the detailed evaluation of site investigation/remediation actions by previous consultants, project evaluation, reporting, system

Wood Treatment Facility
Confidential Client, Seattle WA
Conducted a remedial action of a commercial property containing soils contaminated with PCP.  The contaminant was released from previous wood treatment activities uncovered through a Phase I site assessment and limited soils investigation.  Mr. Larsen conducted onsite project oversight by both implementing the health and safety plan and conducting soils monitoring and onsite analysis throughout the remedial action for the determination at to when the point of compliance had been reached in the remediation of the site.

• Researched emerging trends and ideas in the fields contaminant remediation

• Onsite project management for residential and commercial remedial actions

• Onsite investigations and reporting on Phase II Environmental assessments

• Field surveying, mapping, and investigations of site characteristics and features

• AutoCAD mapping of field investigations and findings

• Utilization and implementation of WA-DOE MTCA standards

• Technical writing for scientific reports, clients, and government agencies